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BMW Car Key Replacement

BMW Car Key Replacement

Imagine, you’re running late for an important meeting, you rush to the garage only to find out that your BMW car key isn’t working. You’re locked out and now you have an unwanted problem at hand. 


At this time, contacting the dealership would be useless as they’ll ask you to transfer the car onsite. That’s where Richmond Locksmith services come in handy. You get in touch with us and we deliver whatever you need.


Our BMW Car Key Services


From slivers of metal encased in plastic to keyless entry fobs, BMW keys have evolved over the years. It requires special expertise to deal with these different types and models. Our highly-trained BMW team offers many services to help you ride your BMW asap.


Lost/ Broken Car Key Replacement


Losing your car keys is not only frustrating but also worrisome. You’ll have to take your car to the dealership and then wait for days for the replacement key to arrive.


But, we cut short the waiting time to less than an hour. Our locksmiths will reach your destination with a new BMW car key as soon as you place the order with us. 


Repair BMW Keys 


Although broken car keys seem like a far-fetched phenomenon, it can happen by a twist of fate. Whether the key’s snapped or cracked, our super-talented technicians will repair the set, saving you the cost of a new one. So, if you snapped your dream BMW car’s keys, reach out to us immediately. 


Extraction of BMW Car Key From the Ignition 


Car keys can snap at the ignition making it impossible to remove them without the intervention from a professional. We suggest you not try this on your own as you can cause more damage than good.


Our team experts will take out the key professionally while protecting the ignition lock simultaneously. 


Ignition Replacement or Repair 


There’s no coming back once the ignition switch is damaged. You’ll either need to repair or replace it. Repairing the ignition switch means that you can use the old key fob. 


On the other hand, if the ignition can’t be repaired, you’ll need to have a new one installed. Also, you’ll have to get a new key fob set. 


Door Lock Repair


So, there might be no issue with the key at all. At times, the culprit is the door lock of your BMW. Using the key to open doors regularly causes door barrel failure. 


Only repairing would solve the issue and our technicians can do this on-site or in-office depending on your need. 


Laser Key Cut


BMW has a top-class security system. However, if you plan on increasing it more, we’ll help you by creating a laser cut key. These keys are heavy yet sturdy and a total upgrade to the normal ones. 


Programming Issues


Key fob programming is a simple process but can prove to be tedious for non-techies. The process is different for new and additional BMW key fobs. Thus, let the professionals at Richmond Locksmith take over and solve these issues for you.


Emergency Locksmith Services


Did you accidentally leave your keys inside the car? No worries, you’re not the only person to face this. Just call us and we’ll retrieve your keys without scratching your BMW beast. 


BMW Car Key Duplication 


If by chance, you don’t have any spare key, don’t waste a second and call our staff at Richmond Cars Locksmith. But, you might be wondering, why? Your key’s working perfectly fine. However, you never know when the key fob’s battery will be dead or you’ll lose your car keys. Better safe than sorry! 


We’ll provide a duplicate key for your BMW at affordable prices and within a short time span. 


BMW Key Solutions for Lost Keys 


In case your car key was stolen, you should immediately contact us and we’ll help you deactivate the key fob. This is necessary because the thief can access your car before you get the new keys.  


ECU Repair


Can’t get your BMW out of your garage? Your car might not be starting because of a dysfunctional engine control unit (ECU). Call us and we’ll thoroughly inspect your engine computer, find problems, and fix them. 


ELV Repair


Some models of BMW can get an ELV steering lock malfunction. These BMW cars have electronic steering locks and there isn’t any linkage between the key and steering wheel. 


You’ll see a warning sign. This is where Richmond Locksmith come to the rescue. Connect with us as soon as you see the warning sign and before the vehicle fails in the locked state.



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