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Rover Car Key Replacement

Rover Car Key Replacement

One of the most iconic vehicles in the off-road market, the Land Rover is a beautiful blend of luxury and off-road capabilities. These British beasts solidified their position around the world through the ever-evolving functionalities. 

Whether you own an SUV or a sophisticated Land Rover car, you’ll most likely be aware of its strong security system. Regardless of the security systems in place, there are always some circumstances when your car, one of your most valuable assets, can be in danger. One such situation is losing your car keys. 

Although most car owners have a spare key, it’s not always with them on the roadside. So, if you’re stuck in such a situation where you’re locked out of the vehicle or have lost or broke the car key, call Richmond Locksmith and we’ll be at your service as soon as possible. 


Emergency Lockout Services

Did you leave your Land Rover’s keys inside the car by mistake? Don’t feel bad as you’re not alone! Our team encounters such cases on a daily basis. 

All you have to do is to give us a call and our team will set out to your location without any delay. Our emergency lockout services not only provide you with quick lockout solutions but also ensure that your beast remains scratch-less during the process.

Lost/ Broken Key Replacement

Lost your Land Rover’s keys? Don’t fret! Let Richmond Locksmith deal with this situation and get you out of this agonizing scenario. We provide all types of key replacements for Land Rover, let it be remote keys, smart keys, or transponder keys.

Duplicate or Spare Key

Want to have an extra key to prevent yourself from anxious situations? Get on the phone with our customer care today and we’ll provide a duplicate or spare key. 

Ignition Replacement/ Repair

Did you break your key in the ignition? Now, you may have two problems i.e., a broken key or potential ignition damage. 

Call our locksmiths over and they’ll come to your location to dig into the main problem. After a detailed examination, they’ll repair the ignition or install a new ignition system matching your Land Rover’s model as needed. 

Key/ Remote Programming

Looking to program your Land Rover’s key fob or remote? This should only be done by a professional who has the right expertise and experience to successfully do the job as anything can go wrong during the programming process. Our locksmiths are highly trained and skilled to safely handle Land Rover’s key fob or remote programming needs.  

ECU Programming/ Repair

Whether you’re an automobile fan or not, you would know how important an ECU is. If out of nowhere your key has stopped working, there might be an issue with the ECU. We’ll examine the issue and repair or reprogram the ECU as necessary. 

Steering Lock Issues

Can’t figure out why your car isn’t starting? A steering lock malfunction can be the root cause. Richmond Locksmith team has the right expertise and experience to handle your car’s steering lock issues, and can install and program a new emulator to fix this problem.



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